Pool Removal for Chicago and Suburbs

If you live in the Chicago suburbs, and youíre searching for a pool removal contractor because you're thinking about removing your swimming pool, youíre not alone. Every year, hundreds of Chicago area pool owners decide that pool removal is the best decision for the safety, usability, and resale value of their home. In the Midwest, especially near Chicago, only three out of the twelve months are ideal for swimming and water activities. That means the other nine are purely maintenance and safety concerns, costing the homeowner money not to mention headaches. Additionally, having added usable space in the yard which allows the new home owner to decorate as they see fit, is a significant selling point. In today's tough housing market, eliminating an old in ground or above ground swimming pool, may be the best decision you can make. Add to that the yearly cost of maintaining that old pool, and the low pool removal costs are returned usually the same year.

Experience Counts! No matter the size of your pool, or where it is located in Illinois, Pro Scapes will remove it the proper way, and landscape the area like it was never there. Donít trust a demolition contractor just to leave a mess. To do it correctly requires a landscape company like ProScapes that specializes in pool removals in Illinois.

Why do they do it? Here are some of the reasons.

  • Cost of maintaining the pool
  • The pool has outlived its purpose
  • It prevents buyers from considering your home
  • Reduces personal liability
  • Pool structural failure
  • Can decrease your home taxes

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